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With our best-in-class conversational AI and Analytics solutions, we empower enterprises to deliver leading edge experience for their customers and their agents across omni-channels.

With Botwa Seize the Future of Customer Experience

Introducing AutoVox: Our cutting-edge Conversational Intelligence platform transforming customer interactions by enabling Intelligent conversations, personalized response, and comprehensive insights across all touchpoints - calls, emails, chats. Enhance experiences, seize opportunities, and boost customer satisfaction with multilingual support

Autovox AI Speech Analytics

Don't lose insights from customer conversation.

Our solution covers advanced analytics like voice of customer, sentiment analysis, and training need analysis, along with automatic parameter monitoring as defined by industry standards. This allinclusive approach ensures human agent compliance, providing holistic actionable analytics that allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Autoknox AI Assistant

Elevating Customer and Employee Experiences through Autonomous, Personalized Interactions

Embrace the new generation of conversational support automation, accessible at the tip of your finger, packed with the power of intentrecognition and context-awareness fed on specialized knowledge bases to provide instant, accurate, and personalized answers on the go 24/7.

Autovox AI Email Copilot

Ace up your email game with Autovox AI Email Copilot

Intuitive understanding meets responsive action by seamlessly interpreting your emails, grasping context, and crafting personalized responses after intelligently retrieving relevant information from multiple company databases. Experience the merits of efficiency and personalized communication like never before.

Autovox AI Voice Assistant

Automate human-like conversations intelligently with Autovox AI Voice Assistant, Let AI tackle customer inquiries and assist customers 24/7 on the go.

Why us

BOTWA sources the latest developments in Conversational AI, Natural Language Understanding, and Speech Analytics to deliver context-driven and intent-aware conversations across channels with the power to derive actionable insights.

Cloud agnostic

Deploy our solutions anywhere as per compliance requirement and your unique business needs be it: on-premise, on public cloud, or on private cloud.

Advanced Analytics

Gauge voice of customer, sentiment analysis and contact-center agent compliance of service parameters in real time. Aggregating common deficiencies hampering performance of service agents and generating training need analysis accordingly.

Copilot Mode

Human friendly interface designed to improve Human functioning through Ai intervention to improve the efficiency and accuracy in Copilot mode ensuring best customer service.


Experience seamless support across all channels with our scalable, omnichannel conversational platform. Designed to meet comprehensive needs, it benefits both customers and business units, providing an end-to-end solution.

Conversational Intelligence, Centered on AI, Crafted for Human Needs

"At Botwa, we are dedicated to revolutionizing customer experience through cutting-edge AI solutions. Our products are designed to empower businesses to engage with their customers more effectively and efficiently. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we provide tools that not only meet but exceed industry standards."

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